WWE Smackdown Viewership Increases / Crown Jewel News

Reports of Smackdown held on the 1st of November 2019 are already on the table right now. And according to the report, it did a splendid job. Last Smackdown was full of entertainment with NXT taking total control over Smackdown.

The viewership report of this week’s Smackdown on FOX stood as 2.543 million in its first hour. And in the second hour, it is 2.418 million.

NXT superstars were seen challenging Smackdown superstars and going one on one with them in this week’s Smackdown. This could be the only reason for the increment in the graph.

Smackdown is facing a decline in viewership issues from few days. Its last week’s viewership report even stood at worse – 8,88,000. The idea for bringing NXT stars in WWE Smackdown, whether it is of Vince or Triple H, it worked.

Smackdown Viewership

WWE already announced an event in the upcoming Survivor Series where NXT vs RAW vs Smackdown will take place. So in Monday Night RAW,  we could see in some of the segments where NXT stars will interfere with RAW stars.

Superstars Are Unhappy With The Crown Jewel Tour

A piece of news coming from WWE, regarding the Crown Jewel superstars being unhappy with the Crown Jewel tour. They are even angry with Vince Mcmahon.

Crown Jewel took place on 31st October 2019 and Smackdown held on 1st November 2019. It was a tough job for stars of Crown Jewel to attend Smackdown in such short notice.

This is the reason why many stars remained absent in this week’s Smackdown episode.

That thing would have been different if all these stars had not been wishing to come. They wanted to, but Vince left them in Saudi Arabia. According to these stars, Vince Mcmahon’s charter took off without them and left them in Saudi Arabia.

Many of them in Saudi, smelled the rat. It could be of a busy schedule or something else. We also heard that a lot of money owed to WWE from Saudi Arabia.

Stars didn’t like the way there traveling went in a situation like this in Saudi Arabia. Some of them have expressed their feelings on Twitter also.

Buddy Murphy twitted: Never again

Andrade twitted: Bad day on Saudi Arabia, I hope to arrive before my birth…..

Whatever the reason be, WWE stars are not happy with there traveling plans and if we talk about Vince MC Mahon, he lost the respect of all these stars.





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