WWE Smackdown Highlights, WWE Draft And More – 11th October 2019

When things become more awaited, then fans wait for it eagerly. The same things happened with smackdown Friday night episode. What is the special thing about yesterday’s episode? The answer is Draft. Yes, WWE conducted the drafting of wrestlers in yesterday’s episode.

People were having an eye on this episode for a long time. We will update you with all the action which took place in WWE Smackdown.


Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins

The show started with two veterans, facing each other for the Universal Championship. The winner will also get the first chance to be drafted for the brand he was representing.

But one thing comes in a mind that why they are chosen for a face-off. They don’t have any kind of feud before the match. Well, the secret lies with WWE Only.


The match begins, with both giving respects to each other. At the starting of the match, it seems like both lack temper in the match. Even the people sitting in the arena finds the starting as boring. But as the match continued, they showed lots of moves and counter moves in the match. Even The Big Dog and Seth Rollins stoped each other’s counter-attacks.

As soon as the match became interesting, the light went off and ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt appeared and attacked Seth Rollins. This is the second time when Bray attacked Seth Rollins between his match. The fans find this move of WWE to bring Bray between the match, very unfair. However, the way he attacked this time made fans amused and exciting to watch. Brat came from a hole in the ring and dragged Rollins with him in the hole.

When the lights came on, smoke came out of the hole and Rollins was found in the ring struggling himself to recover from Wyatt attack. Whereas Bray appeared from the hole with his half head. But where is Roman Reigns? Nobody knows. As the light comes on, Roman Reigns disappeared. The match gets over because of disqualification and Rollins retains Universal Championship.

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Draft – Round One

After the match of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Stephanie Mcmohan joined the stage in the arena and announced the first round of Draft. Round one starts with ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch. The WWE RAW Women Champion Becky Lynch receives RAW Brand. Roman Reigns got a position in the Smackdown. The O.C. and Drew McIntyre get RAW.

RAW: Becky Lynch, O.C. and Drew McIntyre

Smackdown: Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns

King Corbin Vs Shorty Gable

This is not the first time they are facing each other. In Hell In The Cell, Corbin got defeat from Gable. King made an entry and as usual, praised himself as a king before the match. King Corbin won the match, taking his revenge of Hell In The Cell from Gable.

Draft – Round Two

With the end of the match between King Corbin and Shorty Gable, Stephanie Macmohan again entered the arena for announcing the second round of the Draft. In the second round, Stephanie announced that Randy Orton will join RAW.

Sasha Banks will go to SmackDown. Ricochet will be retaining in RAW. Braun Strowman joins SmackDown and  Bobby Lashley stays on RAW.

Braun and Bobby’s drafting arouses many questions in mind. What will happen to Lana? Will she go with Bobby or not? On the other hand, Broun is going to face Tyson Fury in Crown Jewel 2019. Will Tyson Join the RAW or Smackdown in WWE?

RAW: Ricochet, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton

Smackdown: Braun Strowman, Sasha Banks

Brock Lesnar and Cain

As the draft round two ends, ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar enters the arena with his spokesperson Paul Heyman. As we all know that Brock is going to face Cain Velasquez in Crown Jewel 2019. So before the match, WWE wants to create some enthusiasm and excitement for it.

So Brock and Pual were seen instigating Cain and Rey in the ring. Paul also said that Brock has no regrets for what he did with Rey and his son. Paul also warned Cain for being ready for the match in Crown Jewel as Brock always conquer.

Cain and Rey entered the arena interrupting the speech of Paul in between. Rey said that his man Cain Velasquez fears nothing and ready to face Brock Lesnar.

Draft – Round Three

Another announcement comes for drafting the wrestlers when Stephanie comes to the stage. Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, and Natalya get RAW brand and Lacey Evans, The Revival will go to Smackdown.

RAW: Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, Natalya

Smackdown: Lacey Evans, The Revival 

Draft – Last Round

Straight after round three, the last round of drafting commences. Stephanie once again makes up the announcement of wrestlers who will join RAW and Smackdown. In this round, we saw the drafting of tag teams mainly. Drafting is as follows:

RAW: Viking Raiders, Nikki Cross, Street Profits

Smackdown:  Lucha House Party, Heavy Machinery

Bailey Vs Charlotte Flair

The main event of the Friday Night Smackdown took place between Bailey Vs Charlotte Flair. After the entry of Flair with her Smackdown WWE Women’s Championship belt, Bailey makes an entry.

We saw a change in the attitude of Bailey. When she arrives in the arena,  she hits her balloons which always be there in her entrance. She tried to showed that she will change her character in the coming days.

Bailey did as per her character and clinched the WWE Women’s Championship title from Charlotte Flair by submitting her at the end of the match. Bailey, after winning the match, said aggressively addressing the crowd

Screw all of you

The crowd instead of booing Bailey, cheered for her as they also liked the difference which they saw in her character.

Match Results

Roman Reigns Vs Seth RollinsSeth Rollins Won The Match
King Corbin Vs Shorty GableKing Corbin Won The Match
The New Day Vs O.CThe New Day Won The Match
Bailey Vs Charlotte FlairBailey Won The Match

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