WWE Smackdown Highlights, Happenings, Match Results And More on 25th October 2019.

This week’s WWE Smackdown can be called ‘Crown Jewel’ Smackdown. Crown Jewel is due a week later. The stars who are going to appear on Crown Jewel and are associated with Smackdown got a lot of action to do in this episode. So, here are the highlights of Friday night  Smackdown.

Miz Tv With Hogan And Ric Flair

The show starts with The Miz Tv with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair already presented in the ring. In the upcoming Crown Jewel, there will be Team Hogan vs Team Flair in a match. Team Hogan and Flair introduced their teammates one by one. In the ring, from Hogan’s side, there was Ali, Roman reigns, Shorty G and from Flair’s side king Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Sami Zayn.

The remaining stars who are missing tonight from both the teams are Rusev, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. They all are in RAW Brand.

As the show continued, both the teams showed their strength and prooved that how they are ready for Crown Jewel. All the members of both teams start to insult each other.


Samy Zayn pointed towards Shorty G and said: “this man if stand on anyone’s shoulder, then also he would be the half of the man standing right here(Shinsuke Nakamura)”. Ali has an answer to this. He said pointing towards Shorty G that “don’t listen to him, he is just a mouthpiece who always speaks on behalf of others and no longer a competitor to fight”.


King Corbin, as usual, praised himself as a King. Roman Reigns got a perfect answer for that. He said “you are not a king. The stupid crown you wear is meant to entertain us. We like it when you look stupid with your stupid crown”

Match Set- Cesaro, Nakamura And King Corbin Vs. Roman Reigns, Ali And Shorty G As The Main Event

Hulk Hogan interrupted in between and challenged the team Flair to fight right here right now. But Samy has other plans. He said this is not the right time for all this and backed off his team. Hogan then again challenged them for a 6-man tag match including Samy Zayn. Instead of saying yes, Samy Zayn made an excuse for neck pain as he said: “I am in the Do Not Touch list”. He said he is not ready but got a contender who will fight on his behalf.

Here enters the Cesaro in the arena and steps towards the ring. He would be happy because he got an opportunity for a big match as he was looking for it.

Aa Cesaro marched towards the ring, all started to throw hands on each other and at the last remains Team Hogan in the ring.

Roode and Ziggler Vs The New Day

The New Day entered the arena in absence of Xavier Woods as he is injured and is recovering. Then entered Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler tried to insult The New Day by entering into the arena wearing a T-Shirt printed ‘The New Day’ on it and then ripping it apart.

As the match started Kofi got a kick and he is out of the ring. The match did not last long. Kofi Kingston rolled up by Ziggler and Roods/Ziggler won the match.

But the fun is not over. The Revival entered the ring attacking The New Day. Then the time comes for Heavy Machinery. They enters the ring attacking The revival.

All this action took place for the upcoming event in Crown Jewel where all the tag teams will compete for the “best tag team in the world” title.

Lacy Evans Vs A Local Wrestler

Lacy enters the ring, whereas her competitor was already into the ring. Lacey got some words before the match. She said addressing the crowd that these people are here to be entertained and I am not gonna fight with the nasty thing standing in front of me. Then she left the ring and the referee started counting.

She again entered the ring, punching the Local competitor and tapped her to win the match. What a quick victory.

Firefly Fun House

Much awaited Firefly Funhouse is back again, which was set on ablaze by Seth Rollins. Now it is back with Ramblin Rabbit on it. Yes, he is alive.

Kalisto Vs Drew Gulak

Kalisto made his way to the ring with his Lucha House Party. No, Not Again. Drew, before the starting of the match, tried to complete his PPT which he left in last week’s Smackdown. But like Braun, Kalisto did the same thing. He kicked Drew before he could even start the second page of PPT.

And the match starts. Kalisto showed some great Lucha Libre moves in the ring. But Wait A Minute. It is Braun Strowman who entered the arena interrupting the match. He then distracted Drew. Kolisto took advantage of it and hit the Drew with his finishing moves to win the match.


The Monster Among Us attacks Drew with Powerslam even after the match is over. Braun then warns Tyson that this will be the result if someone disrespects me. He said Tyson doesn’t deserve to be in this ring with me.

Shinsuke Nakamura With Zyan and Daniel Bryan

Michael Cole interviewed Daniel Bryan in the ring and asked him about his ‘Yes Movement’. Whether he will bring it back or not. Shinsuke Nakamura with Samy enters the arena. Samy offered Daniel to join Nakamura and him as he was impressed with his skills he saw in last week’s Smackdown match SHINSUKE NAKAMURA AND KING CORBIN VS DANIEL BRYAN AND ROMAN REIGNS.

Zyan also showed the November months clip of Bryan, where he ended the movement by himself and killed the old Bryan. Samy said “You care about this planet. We also care about this planet. You have two choices either you can stay with the crowd who keep on saying ‘Yes’, Yes’ in front of you or come with me to make your career.

But Daniel went out of the ring without saying a single word, leaving one question behind. Whether the answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Nikki Cross Vs Mandy Rose

Nikki Cross entered the arena followed by Mandy Rose. Last week on Smackdown, Nikki won a match to become the contender for WWE Women Championship. But it is not announced when Bayley and Nikki will go one on one for the Championship. Nikki seemed very overexcited for this match.

We also saw Bayley and Sasha Bank sitting in the commentary section watching the match. Ok, the match starts with Mandy applying Hurricane to Nikki and tapping her. But Nikki kicked out. Mandy dominated Nikki from the starting of the match. Sonya Deville was also present in the ringside. She distracted Nikki in various sections of the match.

But at the end of the match, Nikki hit Mandy with Neckbreaker and tapped her to win the match. Nikki after winning the match, stared Bayley indicating her to be ready to defend her Championship Title.

Brock Lesnar And Cain ValesQues

Here comes the much-awaited segment. What happens when Cain and Brock Lesnar will come face to face in the same roof.

Rey Mysterio enters the ring with Cain. Rey Mysterio thanked the crowd for supporting him and his son Dominic. He said “Dominic, is also very thankful to all of you, for supporting him. Dominic is now getting better and better”. Then he got some words for Brock too. Rey Mysterio warned Brock to be ready for the Crown Jewel match. He continued saying Cain will give another scar on Brock’s face.

Mysterio called Brock upon the ring to face Cain. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar then appeared on the screen. Paul said: “My client has got many things to do tonight rather than coming face to face with Cain”.

The crowd started to Boo because they were eagerly waiting for Brock Lesnar to come in the ring. Paul Heyman than continued and said, “now Brock will show you what that thing is which is keeping him busy right now”.

Now what we saw will shock you. It’s Dominic. Brock hold the face of Dominic and showed it to the camera. Rey Mysterio and Cain lost their senses as they saw Dominic with Brock. They both ran towards the backstage to find Dominic.

They found Dominic who was on the stretcher. Brock Lesnar ‘The Beast’ ambushed Rey, Cain, and Dominic and attacked trio with F-5 leaving them on the floor. what a creepy scene that was. The Crown Jewel is on the way and the things are getting worse and worse day by day between Cain and Brock.

Let’s keep our finger cross for the Cain Vs Brock Lesner Crown Jewel match.

6 Man Tag Team Match

The main event is here. Ali, Roman reigns and Shorty G representing Team Hogan. Whereas king Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro representing Team Flair.

King Corbin and Roman Reigns start the match in the ring. Roman hit Corbin with a Samoan Drop. After sometime Shorty G and Nakamura are one on one in the ring. Gable showed fantastic moves and explodes in the ring hitting each and every opponent of his team.

Ali then struggles in the ring for a tap, but Cesaro didn’t let it happen. Cesaro then applied a Suplex to Ali. Roman Reigns after getting the tap entered the ring and hit superman punch to Nakamura and then spear to Cesaro. Ali then pinned Cesaro to win the match.

With this win, they proved how strong they are for the upcoming match in Crown Jewel.

Match Results

Roode and Ziggler Vs The New DayRoode and Ziggler Won The Match
Lacy Evans Vs A Local WrestlerLacy Evans Won The Match
Kalisto Vs Drew GulakKalisto Won The Match
Nikki Cross Vs Mandy RoseNikki Cross Won The Match
6 Man Tag Team MatchTeam Hogan Won The match

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