WWE RAW Highlights, Happenings, Match Results 14th October 2019

WWE RAW started with a bang on 14th October 2019 in Denver (USA). The show was highly anticipated because of the last week’s Smackdown episode. Where some of the interesting drafts of wrestlers been conducted. So people were waiting for another night’s draft result.

WWE broke the anticipation for RAW by announcing more drafts of wrestlers on 14th October 2019.

So we will provide you all the highlights of Monday night RAW matches and happenings of the show.

Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte

The show started with the Becky Lynch making an entry into the arena, who been placed in a RAW brand in last week’s Smackdown episode. WWE had put Sasha banks online with Becky Lynch for the match in RAW, where the winner, will be the first one to be picked for the draft this week.

But out of the ring news is that Sasha Bank is not medically fit right now. She still recovering from her injury. Becky into the ring addressed the crowd and informed them about Sasha that she will not be here tonight. So if Sasha is not the contender, then who?

Becky Lynch got her contender for the match. Ten times women champion Flair entered the ring and said that she wished to be drafted in RAW forever to fight with you. And then she started hitting Becky and the referee got entered indicating that it’s a match.


As the match started, we saw several moves and slams from both the wrestlers. The crowd seems to support Becky throughout the match as they chant ‘Becky’. Flair seemed to give a heavy performance from the starting of the match. Match didn’t last for long as Becky rolled Flair up for the pin. With the count of three, she won the match. Becky defeated Charlotte in the match.

Round One of Draft

Ok, the wait is over. Here comes Stephanie Macmohan for announcing the results for the draft. She announced the name of Seth Rollins for RAW. Wait a minute, what will happen to the feud of Bray and Rollins? As Bray got the position in Smackdown. WWE Champion Brock got a place in SmackDown. Charlotte Flair will be on RAW.

One thing is for sure, that the fans will see the feud between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in the coming days. The reason is they both are in RAW now.

RAW: Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Andrade with Zelina vega

SmackDown: Brock Lesnar, Tha new day 

Andrade Vs Ali

Andrade made an entry with her business association Zalena vega. Vega praised Andrade by saying the superstars who are drafted to raw has got the privilege to stand with Andrade in RAW. The statement is given in respect of the selection of Andrade in RAW, which Stephanie announced at round one of this episode.

As the commercial break gets over, we saw Ali and Andrade battles in the ring.  Andrade fights this match to prove the WWE, that they didn’t make any mistake while selecting him in RAW. He won the match as Zelina interrupted and made a hurricane attack to Ali, which results in Andrade pinning Ali. Andrade won the match.

Round Two of Draft

Stephanie Macmohan enters the arena for another announcement of Draft. Kabuki Warrior to RAW. Smackdown selects Danial Brayan. Rusev got a place in RAW. Smackdown selects Bayley. Alester black placed in RAW.  Bayley’s placement will be quite interesting as she has changed his character in last week’s Smackdown and appeared as quite aggressive.

RAW: Aleister Black, Rusev, The Kabuki Warriors

SmackDown: Bayley, Daniel Bryan

Roode and Ziggler Vs Viking Raiders

We don’t know why they been put together for the match. It could be because of drafting. Viking Raiders got the placement in RAW and WWE had to put someone in front of them. So Viking Raiders got an opportunity to be a new Tag Team Champions as they faced WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Roode and Ziggler for the Tag Team Championship match.


Viking Raiders won the match and becomes new Raw Tag Team Champions. They proved that they deserved to be selected in RAW.

Round Three of Draft

RAW gets Erick Rowan. Ali after getting a defeat in a match against Andrade, placed in SmackDown. Cedrick Alexander gets RAW. Shinsuke Nakamura placed in SmackDown. Humberto Carrillo gets RAW.

RAW: Erick Rowan, Cedrick Alexander, Humberto Carrillo

SmackDown: Ali, Shinsuke Nakamura

Aleister Black vs Eric Young

In the last week’s episode of SmackDown, Aleister Black challenged other wrestlers on the screen to fight with him. But it appears as he yet not got his strong opponent who can stand last in front of him. Eric Young didn’t last for even five minutes in front of Black. Aleister Black defeated Eric Young

Round Four of Draft

Buddy Murphy gets RAW. The ‘Maharaja’  Jinder Mahal will get RAW. R-Truth will go on RAW as well. Carmella gets SmackDown. Ziggler and Roode get SmackDown. So, Ziggler and Roode will not feud with Viking Raiders as they are up for Smackdown and Viking Raiders are on RAW.

RAW: Buddy Murphy, Jinder Mahal, R-Truth

SmackDown: Carmella, Ziggler, and Roode

Braun Strowman And Tyson Fury Signed A Contract

Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury feud attracted lots of viewers and fans. People were wondering from a lot of time that where will they gonna get a face-off? WWE had put the match safely for some big event. The big event is here now. Yes. Crown Jewel 2019. They signed a contract for a  faceoff in Crown Jewel 2019 which gonna held on 31 October 2019.

Jerry Lawler and Braun Strowman waited in the ring for Tyson to come and sign the contract. As Tyson entered the ring, they stared at each other for a while and then sat on their respective chairs.

Before the starting of the contract ceremony, Jerry appealed to both of them that this would remain professional and we don’t have to repeat what happened last week.

Braun warned Tyson, sitting in front of him and said “I know you are undefeated Champion, but you are trying to steal my spotlight in WWE. I won’t let it happen. If you gonna use me as a stepping stone for your success, then I m making clear to you that in Saudi Arabia, you are entering my world. I will pick you up and slam you in the middle of the ring. And give you your first loss forever.

Tyson Fury didn’t speak a word and first signed the contract. Tyson then reminded Strowman about the night of Smackdown where Tyson and his family were there to watch the Braun’s match and Braun made fun of Tyson. So he warned Braun to be ready in Crown Jewel 2019. Then Braun also signs the contract. So keep your finger cross and be excited about the most awaited match.

Round Five of Draft

Samoa Joe gets RAW. The Miz placed in Smackdown. RAW picks Akira Tozawa. King Corbin gets Smackdown. Shelton Benjamin will go on RAW.

RAW: Samoa Joe, Akira Tozawa, Shelton Benjamin

SmackDown: King Corbin, The Miz

Bray Wyatt and Rollins in Crown Jewel 2019

As you all know, Seth Rollins lost many matches because of  ‘The Fiend’. Bray Wyatt always tried to interrupt the match of Seth Rollins by attacking him between the match. And he succeeded every time. But Seth is getting irritated right now, as he can’t able to find out where is Bray hiding right now.

So WWE decided to put a match between them in Crown Jewel 2019. Both, Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt will go for the Universal Championship, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, at Crown Jewel 2019.

Last Round of Draft

Shorty Gable gets Smackdown. Rey Mysterio is in RAW. RAW gets Titus O’Neil. Elias gets SmackDown. Morgan is on RAW.

RAW: Rey Mysterio, Titus O’Neil, Morgan

SmackDown: Shorty Gable, Elias

Kabuki Warriors Vs Natalya

Kabuki Warriors who have been selected in Raw will face Natalya and her partner for the tag team championship in RAW. But who will be Natalya’s secret partner? Natalya entered the ring and announced her secret partner, that is Lacey Evans.

As the match started, Kabuki Warriors seemed to get hold in the match. And why not, they are Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Natalya struggled a lot in the match as Asuka troubles her by holding her for a long time in the ring. Match lasted for a long. But the end of the match Asuka Rolled Evan and pinned her for the win. Kabuki Warriors won the match.

Rollins Attack Bray

Finally, Seth found Bray. While Bray running his ‘FireFly House’, Rollins appeared from behind and attacked Bray. Then he burned the whole FireFly House set of Bray indicating every one that how serious he is for his upcoming match in Crown Jewel 2019. It could be taken as a warning for Bray to beware of him for the match.

Match Results

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Won The Match
Andrade vs. AliAndrade Won The Match
Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Viking RaidersThe Viking Raiders Won The Match
Aleister Black vs. Eric YoungAleister Black Won The Match
Ricochet vs. Shelton BenjaminRicochet Won The Match
Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy MurphyBuddy Murphy Won The Match
The Kabuki Warriors vs. Natalya and Lacey EvansThe Kabuki Warriors Won The Match

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