WWE RAW Highlights, Happenings and Match Results on 28th October 2019

WWE RAW Highlights, Happenings and Match Results on 28th October 2019

WWE RAW entertained us with some of the great matches and segments on 28th October 2019. With Divorce section of Rusev and Lana to matches like Kairi Sane Vs Becky Lynch and Drew Mcintyre Vs Ricochet, RAW was full of entertainment. You will get all the highlights of RAW here only.

Kabuki Warriors

The show starts with Paige, making the entry into the arena after a long time. She is the manager of Kabuki Warrior. Then Kairi Sane and  Asuka of Kabuki Warriors entered the ring followed by Paige. Paige introduced Kabuki Warriors to the crowd. She also praised them and counted their success. But Kabuki Warriors seemed to be in a different mood on RAW.

They snatched the mike one by one from Paige. Paige didn’t like it. Then Kairi spat Green Mist at the face of Paige as she usually does to her opponent. Even Paige remained stunned and can’t able to see at that time.

Kabuki Warriors were looking to attack Paige. ‘The Man’ Backy Lynch entered the arena to save Paige. She then attacked both of them. But why Becky Lynch? Becky Lynch wants to take revenge from Kairi Sane for a defeat she got a few days ago on RAW. Kabuki Warriors won that match because Kairi blew Green Mist on Becky Lynch’s face.

Kairi Sane Vs Becky Lynch

And the match officially took place between Kairi Sane and Becky Lynch. It is an unannounced match. From the starting of the match, Becky Lynch took control. A leg drops to Kairi and count, but kicked out. Becky tried to disarm her two times but failed as Kairi saved herself.

Kairi, getting irritated, shared a knockout punch to Becky. The match can be considered as the longest match of the evening.

Kairi Sane Vs Becky Lynch


In the end, Becky, at last, disarmed her and won the match through submission. Becky took her revenge.

R – Truth vs Buddy Murphy

The next match on RAW is of R – Truth Vs Buddy Murphy. R – Truth is a great rapper and an athlete. In match also he showed some of the great athletic moves. What we saw in the match that, Singh Brothers entered the Arena and ran circling the ring followed by some of the wrestlers.

R – Truth then got disturbed by this drama and Buddy took advantage of it. He dropped a kick on R – Truth’s face and won the match.

Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre

As the Crown Jewel is on the way and it will bring Team Hogan Vs Team Flair match with it. So this match can be considered a show match between Ricochet and Drew McIntyre. It will prooved who is more prepared for Crown Jewel.

First, Ricochet entered the arena and then Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre didn’t even step his foot to the ring that Ricochet attacked him with a high flying move from the top of the rope. Drew dominated Ricochet in the starting. Hulk and Ric Flair were also present in ringside throughout the match.

Ricochet VS Drew McIntyre

Drew also got in verbal warfare with Hogan and tried to make fun of him in the ring. Richochet tried to come back in the match but failed.

Then Richochet came back with some high flying athlete moves in the match. But Drew slammed him with Alabama slam. The referee counted but Richochet kicked out. The match reached its final stage when Ricochet tried 630 to Drew. But wait a minute the captain of the Team Flair, The Viper, Randy Orton surprisingly attacked Richochet with RKO.

This is not done, man. The match gets over with no result. And the Ric Flair with Randy and Drew conquered the ring at that time.

Viking Raiders Vs The Local Competitors

The Raw tag team champions Viking Raiders won the match in less than a minute. It was like a warm-up match for them.

Sin Cara Vs Andrade

Last week on RAW, Andrade won the match against Sin Cara because Zelina Vega continuously tried to interrupt the match. But this time Sin Cara got some other strategy. He brought Carolina with him. Andrade and Sin Cara are ready to fight. In starting, Andrade dominated Sin Cara but later on, Sin Cara showed some high flying Lucha Libre moves.

Throughout the match, they both attacked and showed some counter-attacks. Zelina once again tried to interrupt in between and distracted referee when Sin Cara was about to pin Drew.

Carolina then attacked Zelina. Sin Cara lost his attention and Andrade took advantage of it. He rolled out Sin Cara from the back and the referee announced Andrade the winner after counting one, two, three. It all happened very quickly. Andrade again won the match and Zelina succeeded in her intentions.

Charlotte And Natalya Vs. The IIconics

Charlotte Flair and Natalya entered the ring for a tag team match with The IIconics. At the starting, The IIconics controlled the match. The IIconics showed some double team move in the match.

Natalya and Flair also worked as a team and hit a double suplex to Royce. At the end of the match, Natalya attacked Billie Kay with a sharpshooter and Royce tried to save her from Natalya. But Flair hit a neck breaker to Royce and Billie Kay tapped out.

Seth Rollins Vs Erick Rowan

Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Erick Rowan were one on one on Monday Night RAW in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. At the starting of the match both attacked each other with a steel chair one by one. After fighting sometime in the ring Erick tried to take Rollins in his shoulder to the backstage.

But Rollins failed Erick’s intentions. Then Erick cleared the commentary table for a slam. But Rollins failed him by hitting Erick’s head into the table. They both entered the backstage area and attacked each other with whatever they found. Rollins attacked with a pipe and ladder to Erick.


In the backstage, Rollins appeared as a different character. He seemed to be desperate to win the match. Then he forced workers to start a forklift machine. And then Rollins made Erick trapped under the forklift bed to pin him. Seth Rollins won the match.

AJ Styles Vs Humberto Carrillo

Last week Humberto’s fighting skill’s impressed everyone including Rollins. Seth Rollins shook hands with Humberto after winning the fight against him. AJ Styles challenged Humberto for a match earlier in the show. And the match becomes official by WWE.

At the starting of the match, Humberto irritated AJ Style with his athleticism. Then Aj Styles seemed to relax in the ringside because he got frustrated with the continues moves of Humberto. Then AJ went for DDT. But then also Humberto controlled the match. AJ tried phenomenal four-arm but Humberto countered it.

Despite applying Moonsault to AJ Style, Humberto lost the match through submission. After winning the match AJ Style pretended to shook hand with Humberto and made fun by not shooking the hand. Then the other members of O.C started to attack Humberto.

Street Profits entered the ring to save Humberto and thrown the O.C’s out of the ring.

Lana And Rusev Divorce Court

The most awaited segment comes in RAW. The ‘Divorce Court’. The storyline of Lana and Rusev have reached the divorce section. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler was already present in the ring. Rusev entered the arena with a smile on his face. It’s quite shocking. It is his Divorce and he is happy?

Jerry talked about Rusev’s wedding ring and said, “you still wearing your wedding ring”. Then comes his wife ‘Lana’. Lana took the mike and first, burst out on the crowd for bullying her on social media. Then she answered the questions of why she is doing this. She said their marriage was only about, what Rusev wanted. He never thought of me.

She told the other reason is that he is a sex addict. He wants sex in the morning, afternoon and evening. He wants sex in the kitchen and even in the arena.

No words from Rusev. Jerry then asked Lana that this is the reason that he is a sex addict. That is why you are leaving him? Lana then revealed a reason that left Rusev shocked. Lana said addressing the crowd, “He cheated on me”. Rusev asked, “Who told you”? She answered “Bobby Lashley”

Rusev busted into anger and told Lana not to listen to him.

Bobby entered the arena. Rusev takes off his jacket as he was already busting with anger. Both of them attacked each other. Rusev then took control of Bobby. He took off his wedding ring and shown it to Lana angrily and tried to force the ring into Bobby’s mouth.

Lana tried to attack Rusev with a stick. But Rusev caught it. Bobby hit Rusev’s two low blows. Then what we saw is so dirty to watch. Lana and Bobby kissed each other while standing at the top of Rusev.

Match Results

Kairi Sane Vs Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch Won The Match
R – Truth vs Buddy MurphyBuddy Murphy Won The Match
Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyreNo Result
Viking Raiders Vs The Local CompetitorsViking Raiders Won The Match
Sin Cara Vs AndradeAndrade Won The Match
Charlotte And Natalya Vs. The IIconicsCharlotte And Natalya Won The Match
Seth Rollins Vs Erick RowanSeth Rollins Won The Match
AJ Styles Vs Humberto CarrilloAJ Styles Won The Match

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