WWE RAW Highlight, Happenings,Match Results and More – 21 Oct 2019.

This week RAW came with the package of entertainment, revealing lots of hidden secrets and some exciting appearance of superstars. The appearance of Lana and Bobby Lashley in front of Rusev, Reymsyterio entering the ring with Cain Valasquez and Ric Flair revealing his secret team member made the Monday night RAW more interesting to watch.

Ric Flair Announcement And Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet

RAW starts, as the two times WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair entered the arena with his full energy. All of us know why he is there in the ring. Team Hogan and Team Flair match for Crown Jewel is near. Ric will disclose the final member of his team.

But before announcing his team member, he said, he got a better team than Hulk. He further added, even Hulk also praised my team in WWE Smackdown.

Then he welcomed his team member into the ring. He is Drew McIntyre. Yes, Drew is the last member, completing the Ric Flair team.  Drew, while addressing Ric said, you have given me a favor and I will not let you down.

Recently drafted to RAW, Ricochet entered the arena to face one on one with Drew as a comeback match. Two things make this match interesting. One that they both feuded in the past many times and second, Ricochet is the team member of the Hulk Hogan team in Crown Jewel 2019.

Both started the match in the ring while Ric watched the match sitting in the ringside. Richochet, during the match applied springboard to, drew and tapped him but failed as Drew tapped out. Tapping out from Drew’s Powerbomb, Richochet went for shooting star press and tapped Drew for the count but failed.

Then Drew waited for claymore kick and as he got the chance he did it. His claymore kick led him to win the match.

Ric Flair Announcement And Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet

Drew didn’t stop there only. After winning the match he destroyed Richochet with Butterfly DDT on Steel steps to show his brutality.


Aleister Black Vs A Newcomer

Why WWE Why. Why Aleister can’t able to find his competitor as strong as him. In RAW, he appeared on the screen like previously,  to find his new competitor for a fight.

As the match started, what we saw. He is fighting with a local competitor in a match. Which he won it, as usual, not allowing his opponent to stand for more than five minutes in front of him.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler And Rusev

Hall Of Famer, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler makes his way to the ring to conduct his ‘The King’s Court’ with Rusev. Rusev also entered the ring. As we all know that Rusev’s wife Lana, ditched him and now she is dating Bobby Lashley. Thereafter this topic becomes the talk of the town.

Jerry also said the same thing in the ring. He said that everybody is interested in knowing why Lana did this? Everybody has a lot to say. But you are the only one who has not spoken a single word up till now. Jerry demanded an answer from Rusev. But Rusev didn’t open up. He didn’t share his intentions.

Rusev said “I am still wearing my wedding ring in my finger. In hope that we will live happily after at the end”. Suddenly Bobby and Lana appeared on the screen, interrupting Rusev’s speech. Bobby Lashley and Lana appeared to be in a restaurant having dinner together.

After seeing both of them together, he left the ring and ran away to attack Bobby. Later in the show, he attacks Bobby in front of Lana in the restaurant.

Andrade vs Sin Cara

Andrade with Zelina Vega made an entry into the arena. Zelina always says something before the starting of the match. This time she introduced Andrade’s opponent by saying Sin Cara means ‘No Face’. With the starting of the match, Sin dominated Andrade by his Lucha Libre moves.

Though they both are Lucha Libre wrestlers, then also Zelina got shocked by the moves of Sin Cara. As the match comes to its end, Andrade applied three amigos to Sin Cara. Zalina interfered in the match by striking Sin Cara with Hurricane and Andrade then won by striking hammerlock to sin Cara.

Rey Mysterio And Cain Velasquez

Rey Mysterio And Cain Velasquez

Rey Mysterio entered the arena with plaster wrapped on one hand. He entered the ring and addressed to the crowd saying Thank you for all the support that you all people gave to me and my son Dominic, after what Brock Lesnar did to him. Because It’s all your love that I m here right now.

Paul Heyman suddenly comes on the screen interrupting Rey’s speech and said that you are saying this because you know that Brock is not here. He is in Smackdown. Otherwise, you and your Cain are afraid of Brock. He can’t come here, so what, I am here to convey his message to you that Brock is dying to take his revenge from Cain Velasquez for the scar he has given in his face.

Then what we are seeing, Shelton Benjamin entered the ring saying Brock Lesnar is his brother and he trained Brock Lesnar. Who will believe this? It could be true. Benjamin starts assaulting Rey. Then comes the Hero of the Crown Jewel, Cain Velasquez in the ring and attacked Shelton.

One thing we noticed in this segment that Cain didn’t receive any kind of reaction from the crowd. Nobody cheered for him. It looks like WWE fans aren’t connected with him yet up till now.

 Street Profits Vs O.C

The O.C and Street Profits were in the ring for a match and the main event, but not for Tag Team Championship. It is a debut match for Street Profits. With the starting of the match, O.C took control of match, targeting Dawkins continuously. At the end of the match Kevin Owen entered the arena and attacked A.J.Styles with Stunner and  Ford took advantage of it by hitting the frog splash on Anderson in the ring to win the match.

After the end of the show, Owen answered the interviewer when being asked about Why he attacked Owen. He said Aj Style always interrupts in other’s matches and steps in other’s shoes. Now he will not forget what he got from me.

Match Results

Drew McIntyre vs. RicochetDrew McIntyre Won The Match
Aleister Black vs. New CommerAleister Black Won The Match
Andrade vs. Sin CaraAndrade Won The Match
The Viking Raiders vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack RyderThe Viking Raiders Won The Match
Seth Rollins vs. Humberto CarilloSeth Rollins Won The Match
The Street Profits vs. The OCThe Street Profits Won The Match





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