Why Did Brock Lesnar Attacked Rey Mysterio and His Son at Monday Night RAW

Brock Lesnar ‘The Beast’ shooked up the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona where Monday night RAW held. The episode premiered on 30th September 2019.

With the starting of the show, the drama begins where Rey Mysterio making an entry into the arena with his entrance music running in the background. Rey Mysterio entered the ring in to announce that he will go one on one with Seth Rollins for Universal Championship tonight.

Dominic, the son of Rey Mysterio was also there to cheer for his dad. He has always supported his father with his presence in the arena. It is not the first time that Dominic came to cheer for his dad. He is been coming since he was a child.

In this episode of Monday Night RAW, we saw a bountiful relationship between father and son. Dominic seems to be cheering for his father while Rey Mysterio said while addressing his son, “what I am right now is because of you my son”. If I gonna win the title tonight, I will dedicate this to you” How lovely!

While Rey Mysterio delivering the speech in the ring, Brock Lesnar interrupted Rey’s speech with his entry in the arena. Even Rey Mysterio with the audience got shocked by his entry. As Brock entered the ring with Paul Hayman, he clinched the mike from Rey Mysterio’s hand gave it to Paul Hayman.

But Rey Mysterio today seemed to be in a different mood I guess. Rey Mysterio did the same thing that Brock did and clinched the mike from Pual Hayman’s hand. Woh, Woh, Woh! Brock didn’t like it and angrily attacked Rey with F5, not one time but two times in the row.

Now Its Dominic Turn

Brock then gave a dangerous look to Dominic. He then approached him. What he did next crossed all his limits. He then attacked Dominic. Brock lifted Dominic from his place and threw him on the floor.

The horrific reactions of Rey Myterios fans could be seen. You will wonder but this time, even Paul Heyman was shocked with his beast doings. Paul Heyman tried to stop Brock but failed as he was unstoppable at that time.

Brock Lesnar didn’t stop there only. He attacked Dominic by Suplexes two times. Though Rey tried to stop Brock but failed as Brock attacked Rey again. After Brock left the Arena, Dominic has been taken out on the stretcher while Rey was crying as he can’t see Dominic in pain.

Why Brock Why

After the end of the drama, the one question left with the fans is ‘Why Brock Why’? What is going to happen that Brock has to do all this? Was it because of Universal championship title or was it some kind of revenge.

Why Brock Why

As we all know Rey Mysterio is a superstar and always entertained us with his Lucha libre wrestling style. But now he is about to retire and his son, Dominic training for wrestling is about to end now. So Brock Lesnar attacks Dominic, could be a hint to the world that a new superstar Dominic Gutierrez is about to be born.

I think this is WWE’s style of introducing Dominic to the wrestling world. It will not be a big deal if Dominic comes in the ring for his revenge in the coming days.

Another reason would be the dream match, Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio which got canceled don’t know why. It is speculated that WWE wants to save this match for some big event in the future. That’s why all this happened to Rey Mysterio and his son.

Brock Lesnar will go one on one with Kofi Kingston on upcoming Smackdown for WWE Championship title. What Brock did in a RAW could be a warning to Kofi Kingston to aware of the beast.

These could be the possible reasons behind the attack of Brock Lesnar. So keep your finger crossed and be excited about what Rey will do next to take his revenge. Also keep an eye on the upcoming match, Brock Lesnar Vs Kofi Kingston on WWE Smackdown.

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