Smackdown Highlights, Happenings ,Match Results And More-18th October 2019

This week WWE Smackdown is interesting to watch for two reasons. First, it is airing on FOX. So more expectation of entertainment is normal. Secondly, the draft is over and wrestlers are ready to fight.

WWE Smackdown(18th October 2019), started with the two superstars fighting for the Intercontinental Championship that is Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura. Why they are facing each other, got a reason.

When the drafting process completed Samy Zayn, the manager of Shinsuke expressed his feelings regarding WWE’s selection of Nakamura on Smackdown in the third round. He finds it unfavorable from the side of WWE. Roman Reigns answer the tweet in his style, which led to a match on Smackdown.

Roman Reigns Vs  Shinsuke Nakamura

Both the superstars are drafted to Smackdown and interesting to watch in the same ring. While Samy was sitting in the commentary section. We also saw Samy, distracting Roman in various sections of the fight. Nakamura tried to arm lock the Roman for submission, but Roman lifted Nakamura completely for a powerbomb.

Roman also applied some superman punches to Nakamura. Match seemed to be at its conclusion when Baron Corbin attacked Roman Reigns from the back with his sceptre. Roman Reigns got declared the winner of the match by disqualification. Nakamura retained his title.

That’s unfair, but it’s not the first time in WWE that someone interrupts the match and it ends in without any result. But why King Corbin did this? Of course, the reason may not be that he is a king so he can do anything.

But the drama is not over yet. After the announcement of the winner, here comes Daniel Bryan into the ring attacking King Cobin from Roman’s side. He even didn’t spare Nakamura and his manager.


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Curtis Axel Vs Shorty Gable

Ever wondered why Chad Gable renamed ‘Shorty Gable’. People used to mock him because of his height, which is 5ft 8 in. The other wrestlers used this name as a weapon against him.

WWE put Curtis Axel against Chad for a fight. Before the starting of the match, Curtis tapped his head instead of the hand and tried to make fun of Gable’s Height. Shorty Gable won the match in very lesser time.

After finishing the match, Gable addressed the crowd and said that whoever tried to make fun of his height, thank you very much. Because of you people, I look deeper into me and found that your comments rather than discouraging, encourage me in life. He further added that I accept who I am and you also should. So I m further shortening my name. ‘The new name is Shorty G’. That’s quite inspirational speech.

New Day and Heavy Machinery vs The Revival, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode


All the teams entered the ring and the match gets started. But the wrestler who entertained the most was Otis. In the whole match, we saw Otis failing the moves of the opponent and blocking their suplexes. He entertained everyone with his Caterpiller Elbow Drop. Heavy Machinery and New Day won the match.

The entire match was dedicated to Otis for his entertained. At the end of the match he showed his victory dance to the crowd with New Day.

Bayley on MIZ TV

Well, its time for MIZ TV and The Miz was already in the ring. And the guest for tonight is Bayley. WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley entered the arena with her friend Sasha Bank, who got recovered from her injury. Miz didn’t expect Sasha Bank to come.

Before the starting of the question-answer session, The Miz showed a clip to Bayley. There is a kid in the clip who was crying while watching Bayley destroying her Bayley Buddies. Many other fans of Bayley are shocked and angry about her transformation in her character.

The fans were eagerly waiting for an answer from Bayley. Now, The Miz asked that question and he said only one word “Why?”

Bayley’s answer didn’t satisfy the crowd. She said that she does not owe anyone an explanation. But The Miz didn’t stop there. He somehow managed to take out the secrets from Bayley. The Miz continued “What do you think yourself, ‘Brock Lesnar’. He while pointing Sasha Bank, said” you think she is ‘Paul Heyman.

The Miz also reminded her of those kids who hugs Bayley and liked Bayley Buddies so much.

Then Bayley answered, where were those people when I was suffering from pain? When I lost the match in Hell In The Cell, who was there to hug me?

Nikki Cross interrupted the interview and said that talking time is over and its time for some action. Dana Brooke also comes in the arena.

All this led to the announcement of the match, which is a Six-Pack Challenge match. The winner of the match will become the number one contender to fight with Bayley for the WWE Smackdown Women Championship.

Carmella Vs Nikki Cross Vs Dana Brooke Vs Lacey Evans Vs Mandy Rose Vs Sonya Deville

Six-Pack Challenge match. The winner of the match will go one on one with Bayley for WWE Smackdown Women Championship. Bayley was sitting in the commentary section watching the match. As the match started, Mandy and Sonya teamed up together and dominate Nikki. But later she comes back.

Nikki attacked Mandy with Swinging NeckBreaker and ended the match with the count of three.

Nikki Cross won the match and while climbing the rope she warned Bayley to be ready for the match. Bayley in returned, showed her The Championship Belt.

Braun Strowman vs Drew Gulak

‘The monster among us’ Braun Strowman, has been drafted to Smackdown and need an opponent to fight this week. As up till Crown Jewel, he does not have any strong contender to fight with. So WWE selected the  Smackdown debutant Drew Gulak to be his opponent.

It is obvious, how could a debutant face a monster. But Gulak showed some daring in front of Strowman. Before the commencement of the match, he grabbed a mike and tells Braun that you don’t gonna win match against Tyson in Crown Jewel 2019. Gulak came after preparing a PPT file which he was going to show Braun on the screen. The file contains more than 300 pages.

Braun only saw the first pages and brought the monster inside him. He attacked the Gulak, not giving him single chance to attacked Braun. Braun easily won the match, finishing it less than 5 minutes. Braun’s one-sided victory can be considered as the warning signal for Tyson to be ready for the match.

Brock And Cain

Then an announcement comes on the screen that Brock will come on Smackdown next week face to face with Cain Velasquez. Wow! It will be fun. What will happen there? Know next week on Smackdown.

Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin Vs Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

At the starting of the show, what King Corbin did, raised the eyebrows towards this match. Fans were expecting this match. This match is the main event of the show as the superstar Roman Reigns face King Corbin, because of whom he lost the Intercontinental Championship Match.

Whereas Daniel is debuting with this match in Smackdown. Match started with Daniel and Corbin faced each other in the ring. Then after some time, Bryan and Nakamura faced each other.

Despite Samy’s interference in the match, which he does as usual. Bryan didn’t stop. He attacked Corbin, throwing him outside the ring. Roman Reigns gave a superman punch to Corbin and a Spear through the barricade, breaking the barricade completely. Great move.

Bryan attacked Nakamura with ‘Yes’ kicks. And then he attacked with Running Knee. With the count of three Bryan tapped Nakamura and won the match. It seemed like WWE wanted to show the talent of Daniel Bryan in this match. After winning the match Roman and Bryan shook hands together, which was very amusing.

Match Results

Roman Reigns Vs  Shinsuke NakamuraRoman Reigns Won The Match
Curtis Axel Vs Shorty GableShorty Gable Won The Match
New Day and Heavy Machinery vs The Revival, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode.New Day and Heavy Machinery Won The Match
Carmella Vs Nikki Cross Vs Dana Brooke Vs Lacey Evans Vs Mandy Rose Vs Sonya DevilleNikki Cross Won The Match
Braun Strowman vs Drew GulakBraun Strowman Won The Match
Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin Vs Daniel Bryan and Roman ReignsDaniel Bryan and Roman Reigns Won The Match

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