Rusev Is Free From Custody / Fans Were Stopped To Wear AEW Merchandise on WWE RAW

Rusev’s Custody Is Over In Cleveland Police Department

According to WWE, Rusev is now free from Cleaveland Police custody.

Last Monday Night RAW, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler conducted a King’s Court, where Rusev was called upon to answer the questions about Bobby and Lana’ s relationship. From the past few days, Lana and Bobby Lasley came too close to each other, raising the eyebrows of everyone.

Rusev is only the one who is silent about this topic. He is the husband of Lana and should answer everyone. But instead of giving answers to Jerry’s question, he said that Bobby has filled poison in Lana’s head and I will not leave him. But suddenly Lana and Bobby appeared on the screen, dining together in a restaurant.

Rusev filled with anger, ran towards the destination which he knew where it is. He then attacked Bobby in front of the restaurant staff and Lana. The Cleveland Police then arrested him and hold him in custody.

Now WWE is confirming the reports that he is out the custody of Cleveland Police Departement and will be present next Monday Night RAW.

The upcoming Monday Night RAW will be worth watching with the storyline of Bobby and Rusev. When Rusev already attacked on Bobby. Now we will see how Bobby will response to Rusev’s attack on Monday Night RAW.

Fans Were Threatened To Cover Up AEW Merchandise During WWE.

AEW All Elite Wrestling is a new ground for the wrestling Industry. It is getting popular among the fans day by day with its associated superstars Chris Jerico, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega Billy Gunn and more.

Right now this business is all-new for the wrestling fans. That is why they are crazy about it. Their craze went so far that they got a warning of not to wear any kind of wearables with AEW Merchandise in WWE show.

At Monday Night RAW, fans were alleging that the security didn’t allow them to enter the arena with T-Shirts or Shirts printed  AEW on it. Even some of the fans were told to cover the T-shirts of the AEW sign with the sweater.

Some of the fans showed their anger on social media and opened up about the security of WWE RAW. On social media, they mentioned that they had been told to remove all kinds of wearables with AEW signs or otherwise they would be ‘kicked out’ from the arena.

Guys this is not fair about WWE. It’s ok, that security has rules to follow. But they should show some respect to the fans and behave properly.

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