Kofi Kingston Took His Revenge Against KO, Challenged Him For Money In The Bank (2019)

WWE Smackdown has always kept its promises to entertain the ordinances. This week’s Smackdown was very astonishing to watch as Kofi Kingston took his revenge against KO (Kevin Owens).

Last week KO betrayed The New Day in Smackdown. Actually, Tuesday night Smackdown drama begins when Kofi Kingston arrives alone in the ring for the inspiration speech.

Kofi Kingston was unhelpful to overcome the memories of last week where KO surprisingly betrayed The New Day on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


Kofi Kingston continued his speech as he tried to explain his overcome. Kevin Owen was listening to his each and every word from the backstage.

The entry of Kevin Owen

The high voltage drama started when Kevin Owen took entry interrupting KO speech in between.

Actually, before the entry of Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston while giving an exclusive in-ring interview with WWE Universe, challenged KO for Money in the bank championship which will be going to held on 19th May 2019.

Kevin Owen opens up with accepting the challenge and all set to fight with him in Money in the bank. While accepting the challenge, KO began to step towards the ring.

Xavier Woods attacked him from the backstage area to give a reply of KO’s attack one week ago. Xavier Woods throws some punches towards KO.

But KO turns the table and gave a superkick back to Xavier Wood.

While Xavier Wood was on the floor, Kofi Kingston left the ring and ran towards the KO for a hit. But was unsuccessful as KO flew away from the scene.

Kevin Owen’s show

At the end of the SmackDown episode, Kevin Owen hosted ‘Kevin Owen’s Show’. “This is my show and I am the show.

Kofi Kingston is drowning and needs help and I m that help. I am positive that I will take the title from you” These were the words of Kevin in the show.

There he also mocked the Xavier Woods and provoked him to come to the ring. But Xavier Wood didn’t show up.

He began to insult Xavier Woods continually. Kofi Kingston couldn’t able to control himself backstage and showed up.

He was all set and ready to hit KO as he stepped into the ring, punched him one after again. He Threw KO out of the ring and roared as loin above the ring.

He showed not only KO but the whole world that he is ready to defend his title in Money In The Bank.

So money in the bank 2019 will be going to be interesting to watch when Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owen will come face to face.

The future will decide whether Kofi Kingston took the right decision to put his title in risk as it is his first PPV Title defense.

Best of luck for “Kofi Kingston Revenge” and takes money in the bank.

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