Some Exceptional Fights of John Cena

John Cena Fights: John Cena is one of the most entertaining wrestlers of the WWE industry. He always entertains his fans by his unique style. Cena wears caps, chains, T-Shirts with tags printed on it. His loving fans gave him all his tagline ‘You Can’t See Me’, ‘Word Life’, ‘Time is Now’.

John Cena Fights ‘The Champ Is Here’

WWE stars use his or her way of speaking to instigate the other wrestler. But John always used to Rap before John Cena Fights matches. John Cena leaves no stone unturned to spice up his fans.

Just as he entertain out of the ring, he is also entertaining inside the ring. Here are some of the Jaw-Dropping fights of John Cena:

John Cena Vs JBL Judgement Day 2005

In Wrestlemania 21 main event, John Cena defeated JBL in the “I Quit” Match.

The match was the bloodiest match of all time history in WWE. There was bloodshed all over the match.

Cena’s face was bleeding. Both got tired and struggling to win the match.

John Bradshaw Layfield used chain, chair, cords, and wires to stop John Cena Fights from winning.

At the end of the match, Cena and JBL dragged each other to the entrance. Both were tired and bleeding like a hell.

When John lifted a metal pipe to hit JBL. Suddenly a voice came “I Quit”, “I Quit”. JBL Quit, Cena won the match and successfully retained his WWE Championship title.

John Cena Vs Edge Backlash 2009

In 2009, Cena won the World Heavy Weight championship title in triple threat match at WrestleMania 25 against Edge and Big Show.

John Cena Vs Edge Backlash

As their feud continued, Cena got ready to defend his title in the last man standing match against Edge in Backlash 2009.

Backlash 2009 brought together, Cena and Edge in the same ring. The main event in backlash pay per view, entertained its fan as there were slams Altitude adjustments, Cena face lock, and Edge ankle lock.

Both of them used every inch of the arena. At the end of the match, Cena was about to slam altitude adjustment to Edge, Big Show intervened and threw John in the spotlight.

when big show threw Cena in Spotlight, sparks came out of it Edge won the match as Cena was in no position to fight.

John Cena Vs The Rock WrestleMania 28

Wrestlemania 28 held on the 1st of April 2012, where the main event brought The rock and John Cena in the same ring for the WWE Championship match.

The feud between John and The Rock took place before WrestleMania 27.

In WrestleMania 27, Rock interfered in the main event where John Cena was one on one with The Miz for WWE Championship.

Just because of the intervention of The Rock, John Cena lost the match.

Then Cena challenged The Rock for a one on one match. The Rock accepted the challenge and suggested that it be held at WrestleMania 28.

This match was considered as a most awaited match of the year 2012, as the fans have been waiting over a year for the match.

The reason could be the announcement for the match which was done just after WrestleMania 27.

WWE did not leave any stone unturned to attract fans through advertising for the match. The preparation was at its peak a year before the match.

Because of the popularity of the match, it got the tagline The Rock vs John Cena: Once in a Lifetime match.

What’s so special about this match? Firstly, the most entertaining wrestler of that time, ‘The Rock’ is involved in the match. Secondly, the WWE Championship title was on the line.

Third, both the superstars have got there own unique style of entertainment.

Their uniqueness defined their stardom and when two superstars with such a great fan following come together in the ring, the match becomes the most anticipated match of the year.

John Cena vs Brock Lesner Extreme Rules 2012

‘The next big thing’, Brock Lesner is the most hated personality in WWE.

Cena entered the ring to congratulate The Rock for winning the main event against him in Wrestlemania 28. Cena calls for The Rock to enter the ring but Brock took the entry.

Brock entered the ring and forwarded his hand to shook with John Cena but instead of shaking the hand he slammed F-5 to Cena. Which gave birth to the feud between them.

As a result, John was one on one with Brock in Extreme Rules 2012.

This is another bloodiest and the most viewed match of John Cena’s career, although no championship title was involved in it.

John Cena Vs Aj Style Royal Rumble 2017

Cena introduced himself after a long break of approx three months to audiences.

While addressing the audience he speculated the winner of the triple threat match which was to be fought the same day.

John Cena Vs Aj Style Royal Rumble 2017

That could be Corbin, Ziggler or Aj Style. Whoever be, Cena challenged the winner for the WWE Championship match in Royal Rumble.

On December 27th, 2017, episode of Smackdown Corbin, Ziggler and AJ Style were against each other in a triple threat match. Aj Style won the match and successfully retained his WWE Championship.

After the end of the match, Aj Style wrapping himself with his Championship belt to leave but surprisingly ‘The Champ’ John Cena entered the arena running like he is about to attack AJ Style.

But instead of attacking he shook his hand with Aj Style to congrats him for winning. Cena’s gestures warned AJ Style to be ready to defend the WWE title in the Royal Rumble match.

John Cena and Aj style signed the contract for the WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble 2017.

The Champ Is Here Vs The Champ That Runs the Camp

In Royal Rumble’s main event, AJ Style defended WWE Championship against John Cena. What was so special about the match? With the winning of this match, John Cena could tie the record of Ric Flair, winning 16 World Titles.

Both John Cena and AJ Style struggled to win the match. There were Cena’s Altitude Adjustment, face lock, and Aj Styles Spiral Tap, Style Clash in the match. Aj Style survived lots of Altitude Adjustment from John Cena.

But at the end of the match, John Cena slammed AJ by his Altitude Adjustment one after the other. John Cena won the match and hence successfully tied the record of Ric Flair, winning 16 titles including 13 WWE Championship Titles.

Ric Flair personally praised John Cena for his achievement.

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