Best Hulk Hogan Movies List

Here is we share with you some of the most popular movies lists of WWE Superstar ‘Hulk Hogan’ along with his movies box office reports.

Hogan has a successful career in wrestling, but for his movies, he always received a mixed response from the critics.

None of his movies did a splendid job in the box office. In spite of having a great wrestling background and strong physique, Hogan mostly chose to act in comedy action

Hulk Hogan Movies List

Rocky 3

In 1982, he made his debut in Hollywood as a guest appearance in Rocky 3 which is directed and written by Sylvester Stallone.

Movie actor Sylvester Stallone and Hogan shared a single scene where they fight with each other in a charity event. Its worldwide collection in Box Office stood around $ 270 Million.

No Holds Barred

A year later Hogan returned with his action movie No Holds Barred(1983) which directed by Thomas J. Wright, written by Dennis Hackin and produced by World Wrestling Federation under a “Shane Distribution Company” Movie depicted backstage wrestling drama.

As per the box office report, the movie didn’t do very well with the box office collection of $ 16 Million(Approx).

Suburban Commando

After a gap of two years, Hogan appeared in the family comedy movie Suburban Commando(1991).

The director of the movie is Burt Kennedy. Shep Ramsey(Hogan) played a comic hero in the movie.

The movie deals with the astronautics adventures of Ramsey, who has been sent to earth for a mission. The movie proved to be a disaster in the box office with its collection of $8 Million(Approx).

Mr. Nanny

Hogan welcomes another family comedy movie with some textures of wrestling on it. Mr. Nanny(1993) is about a former wrestler who is lost in his old wrestling memories. Then he gets a job to do babysitting of two kids.

Mr. Nanny

How he protects them from goons and takes care of them. The movie possesses a comedy as well as an action plot. Mr. Nanny received an average response from audiences and critics. The director of the movie is Michael Gottlieb.

Santa With Muscles

In 1996, Hulk Hogan’s Santa with Muscles struck the theaters. The movie has a comedy plot with Blake Thorn (Hulk Hogan) playing a character of Santa Clause.

Santa With Muscles

It revolves around the adventures of Blake Thron who lost his memory and accidentally believes that he is the real Santa Clause.

The collection of the movie stood 2 Lakh Dollars approx in Box Office. The director of the movie is John Murlowski.

3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain

Despite the fact that he receives an average response for his movies, he never gives up acting. Hogan continuously entertained with his action-comedy adventure movies.

In 1998, Hogan entertained his fans with his movie 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain which is directed by Sean McNamara. It is a martial arts action comedy movie and another disaster in Box Office.

The Ultimate Weapon

After a long time, Hogan gave a full action movie The Ultimate Weapon in 1998. The director of the movie is Douglas Schwartz. The Ultimate Weapon received two stars from critics. click here to watch

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