How Many Times Rey Mysterio Unmasked?

Rey Mysterio Unmasked: Rey Mysterio is always been targeted with ‘unmasking’ strategy. Many wrestling superstars took the advantage of unmasking Rey Mysterio to win a fight. They clearly know that what Rey’s mask means to Rey Mysterio. So here are some of the moments:

Do you know, How Many Times Rey Mysterio is Unmasked? on wrestling ring. secret revealed, Here is we share all time Rey Mysterio’s Unmasked photos and videos.

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Eddie Gurrerro unmasked Rey Mysterio

Eddie Gurrerro unmasked Rey Mysterio not once but twice in the wrestling world. First in 1997, then in 2005.

Eddie Guerrero unmasked Rey Mysterio

In 1997, episode of  Monday Night Nitro WCW Rey Mysterio was one on one with ‘The Iceman’ of WCW Dean Malenko. The match was on. Malenko and Mysterio were having a good fight together.

At the end of the match, Rey Mysterio just had hit ‘Springboard Double Hurricanrana’ on Malenko and tried to tap him to finish the match when Eddie Guerrero entered the ring from nowhere and pulled Rey Mysterio’s mask from his face.

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In the affair to hide his face, Rey just left tapping in the mid. Malenko locked in ‘TheTexas Cloverleaf’ on Mysterio to tap him down. As a result, Malenko won the match. Eddie Guerrero showed the removed mask to the audience as a sign of his cruelty.

In 2005, Eddie did it again as interfering in the match between Rey Mysterio and MNM at WWE Smackdown. Eddie made an entry in the ring at mid of the match and started hitting MNM. He pretended like he was helping Rey Mysterio.

But then he showed his real intention. He started hitting Rey Mysterio badly. Rey Mysterio face was soaked with blood with his mask ripped away.

Chris Jericho unmasked Rey Mysterio

In 2009 Rey Mysterio again got unmasked in the Intercontinental Championship(WWE Extreme Rules) facing Chris Jerrico.

Chris Jericho unmasked Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio was the Intercontinental Champion in WWE at that time. While feuding with Rey, Jerico challenged him not only to win the Intercontinental championship as well as to remove his mask from his face.

Both the WWE legends were giving tough competition to each other in the match. But at the end of the match, Rey Mysterio hit Jerico with the chair resulting him to fall in the middle of the rope.

Rey finds it the best position to apply 619 to Jerico. Rey was all set for 619. But in the middle of 619, Jerico stepped back and attacked him to take off Rey’s mask from face.

Jerico took the advantage of Rey’s hiding his face from the camera and used the opening to roll Mysterio up for the 3-count to win the match.

Jerico completed his challenge to remove the mask and to win the Intercontinental championship.

Cody Rhodes Unmasked Rey Mysterio

On January 21, 2011, Rey Mysterio was one on one with Cody Rhodes in a match in the Smackdown. In the following match, Rey accidentally broke Cody Rhodes nose. Rey won the match by slamming Cody, 619.

Cody Rhodes Unmasked Rey Mysterio

After the match, Cody applied a protective guard in his nose. Everyone mocked him for his nose guard. He was off the television for several weeks.

On 25th February 2011 Smackdown episode, Cody Rhodes returns with his dad The late Dusty Rodes accompanied by Rey Mysterio in the same ring not for a fight but just for the conversation.

First Cody Rodes shook hands with Rey Mysterio and then Cody Rhodes father hugged him.

Suddenly Cody Rhodes attacked Rey Mysterio from behind and dragged him to the entrance ramp and removed his mask there. He lifted Rey’s mask as a sign of his revenge.

Randy Orton Unmasked Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio was unmasked again by so-called ‘The Viper’ of WWE, Randy Orton. It was November 2018, where Rey Mysterio was one on one with Randy Orton in the main event of Smackdown episode.

Randy Orton Unmasked Rey Mysterio

Randy Orton won that match attacking Rey Mysterio with his RKO move. Randy Orton didn’t stop there.

He continued his brutality by attacking Rey with a chair. During the attack on Rey, his mask came to Randy’s hand. He showed his mask to the audiences as a mark of his victory.

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