Return of Bobby Lashley with Lana | Bobby Lashley kisses Lana

Return of Bobby Lashley on Monday night RAW can be considered a main event of the evening. And that too with Lana(wife of Rusev). Are you kidding me!

This is true. On Monday night RAW(30th September 2019), Bobby made a return to WWE and that too with Lana, wife of Rusev.

Bobby Lashley With Lana


At the starting of the RAW episode, Brock Lesnar attacked Rey Mysterio in the presence of his son Dominic. He even not spared Dominic and brutely attacked him with his suplexes and F5.

On RAW, Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio had to be one on one for there title match for Universal Championship. The match got canceled because Rey Mysterio got injured.

So WWE replaced Rey Mysterio with three times United States Champion Rusev.

As the match started between Seth Rollins and Rusev, Bobby Lasley appeared in the arena in the mid of the match with the entrance song of him running in the background.

Rusev as well the audience were wondering as they were not expecting Bobby to return in WWE before November 2019. Last time we saw Bobby in action when he fought 10 Men Battle Royal in WWE RAW on 15th of July 2019. After that, he underwent surgery and speculation spread in WWE Media that he would not return before November.

The sudden appearance of Bobbly Lashley is a socking thing, but the most shocking is he appeared with the Lana. Yes after the arrival of Bobby, Lana entered the arena.

Bobby Lashley kisses Lana

Lana, holding the hand of Lashley, shows some dancing moves. While Rusev stared both of them angrily and shockingly. And why not? How one can tolerate that his wife is in someone else arms?

But Lashley and Lana didn’t stop there. They both kissed each other in front of Rusev. We can imagine what Rusev felt at that time. Even the audience got shocked by seeing this. The commentators at that time uttered, ” what on earth they are doing?”


Then the light went off and the spectators saw Bray Watt attacking Rollins from behind in the dark.

The Reason Behind All Of This

The question arises. Are Rusev and Lana together now or they broke up? The truth is they are together. It could be a storyline of WWE. From the last two or three months, Rusev and Lana hadn’t posted a single pic on social media. This all could be a plan of WWE to arouse anxiety to the fans about their relationship.

And the sudden appearance of Bobby and Lana made an exciting storyline. But why Bobby? I think Mr. Macmohan likes Bobby as a professional wrestler and he wants Bobby to climb the stairs of success.

Another reason could be, Bobby has returned after a gap of more than three months. So what can be a great storyline than this for Bobby?

So in the future, we can see a good feud between Bobby and Rusev. They can be either one on one on upcoming event Hell in the Cell or can be a part of Crown Jewel(2019), which will take place on October 31, 2019, at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Whatever be the match, the interesting thing going to be the Lana. Surely we will see her accompanying Bobby Lashley definitely, not her husband.

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