The Conference Call iPhone looks like basic IMO, Skype calls. Be that as it may, in this free video phone call iPhone, the caller or owner will pay for the call. Free Conference Call resembles a simple phone call. In which you can call with at least three people groups in the meantime from different places. This free telephone call can be in audio or video.

For the most part, this Conference Call iPhone done with cell-phones and telephones. Yet, there are some video telephone call software’s that gives free video calling features immediately or in groups. Different audience members will acknowledge the solicitations to join that running call. There is no compelling reason to introduce toward the end user’s side.

Conferencing Calling iPhone on the web through software is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol. Similarly, you are getting to everything for nothing, yet but you need an internet connection to call another person. To keep away from this bothering thing, we presented a Conference Call iPhone Software. In which you can audio or video free call with needed people groups.

There are some instructions for the free Conference Call iPhone. 

  1. At first, make an ordinary call with the first wanted person. You can call from recent dialer, contacts and tapping from the dialer. After dialing you will see the caller option to call with the wanted person. Also, you can dial from favorites. Your iPhone will place a call automatically. In all the matters, the recipient does not need the iPhone. The recipients can take part via any cell phone. But it is compulsory for the caller to call with iPhone. Because it is hosted for iPhone callers.
  2. After dialing, have you looked up at the screen? There are become six buttons such as Speaker, Add Call, Mute, Keypad, Video, and contacts.
  3. When you are engaged in a call with the dialer, now you can add the third person in the call. For adding the third person in the call, press ADD CALL option button that is appearing on the screen.
  4. Then call a third person whose you want to call. But it is possible when you relate to the first caller. When you call the third one, the first recipient will be on hold and you will be as calling a new one.
  5. Now you are calling with the recent dialer and the first one still is on hold. Let’s make a conference of thee peoples. To make a conference call iPhone, you should merge calls. The real meanings of merging are like as conferencing. Press the most right upper button that is for conference iPhone. Or some phones show the conference button on ADD CALL button. Where you were called the other two persons.
  6. By following these instructions, you can add many peoples as you want. There is no only option for dialing even you can receive the call as the recipient and merge the new call in the running call.

By utilizing this Conference Call iPhone Application, you call many people groups at one time from many different areas.