Tango AppTango Live Chat Application

Tango App is a Live messaging application but now with the best quality video service. By using Tango Live Chat Application, now you can share videos as live streaming even also watch videos. This application has more features such as whenever you are in group video calling, you can use stickers in your video.

Do not just these features, even allows you to share photos, send videos to add filters and play games. An Especial rare feature is that whenever you are live streaming video, gives access you to use special and funny masks as you want.

Signing in Tango Live Chat Application

Simply Download Tango Live Chat Application from Google Play Services.

After installing, sign by providing your contact number. Also, verify by receiving the verification code. Once you are in, then you can chat with anybody of your contact list. It provides high-quality resolutions over 2G, 3G also on 4G networks. You can use it over WiFi connections. It has the comfort of a larger screen and responsive keyboard.

Tango App Messenger

Tango App uses messenger features and can work as a messenger. Even it is called a Tango Messenger. In Tango messenger features, you can send messages, voice messages and can make possible video calls. And you can also send locations, photos, and documents.

Tango Live Chat Application has the greatest feature in messenger that is you can play games in Tango messenger with friends, alone, free of cost and free of download.

Finally, Tango App is known as mini video calling application, such as you can update status, profile photos even you can search for friends by using a name or current location.


It is secure and safe as other applications end to end encryption. It is reliable and has a user-friendly interface.

So, it would become the number one Application.

Tango Live Chat Application especially for Androids and iPhones but it can be used on IOS operating system. It supports Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox browsers.