FaceTime Free

FaceTime Free Video Calling Application is the best for iPhones and Android users. This application is an excellent answer to Skype. In fact, it is Android’s answer to Skype Application. It is a low-memory consumer application instead of Skype. Similarly, it is working as in other applications likewise as in Skype, but it provides the FaceTime-Lite feature.

In FaceTime Lite Application, usage of MBs would minimum in the comparison of other traditional applications. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family. You can use it over 2G, 3G and either on WiFi connections. This Application is not on the first application, but it will be on number-one due to its commonly used features and independent qualities.

Download FaceTime Free for Windows

This application is for PCs makes possible to chat, sound calls, and to hold video calls in groups. Such as to hold meetings and business conference calls. You can use this Application at iPad, iPhones, Windows even on Androids.

Features of  Video Calling Application

Now it is coming as a built-in Camera software in PCs. So now you can catch-up meetings anywhere at any time. One of the greatest features of this application that it always adjusts you on screen, even you rotate the screen in portrait or landscape.

Signing in FaceTime Video Chat Application

Download FaceTime Video Chat Application from Google Play Store Services.

It is easy to sign-up, follow the instructions and provide a required email, Contact details. This Application will sync your contact list and notify you to add them. Such types of features make setups easier for you. There is a main feature in FaceTime Application you can send invitations via email, if another person would accept your request, then you can make possible video or audio calls.


This Application is safe and reliable. It is secured with the end to end encryption. So, anybody cannot interfere or cannot hack your messages or other data.

So, let’s enjoy the greatest application free.