Kakao Video Talk Application

Kakao Talk or sometimes KaTalk Application keeps you in touch with your friends and family. It allows to send messages; voice calls and video calls also share locations. Kakao Video Talk Application was launched in March 2010. But now has 220 million registrations and 50 million active users. It is a widely used application all over the world.

Free Kakao Video Talk Application is especially for Android users, but currently available for iPhones and iOS operating systems. It has the messenger feature; So, it provides individual and group chat features even you can play games without any cost.

Signing in Kakao Video Talk Application

In Kakao Video Calling Application you can create your account easily. So, you can easily Login or Signup by providing the phone number. At first, Download Kakao Talk Application from Google Play Store. After installing, open it and click to signup button, where it will require your contact number and username and password.

This application uses a synchronize feature where it synchronizes about already joined contacts and would notify you in the notification bar.

Kakao Talk Cloud Feature

Kakao Video Talk especially works for iPhone users and announced a Kakao Talk Cloud feature. So in this feature, an iPhone user can create a profile and can sync their data. Whenever they deleted and again installed Kakao Talk App, they can retrieve or back up their already sync data.

Features of Kakao Talk App:

Kako Talk Application has many features, some of these are given below:

Free Conference Calls, (Allows up to five people)

Backup and restore Chats

Voice or Video Calls, Group Video Calls

Play Games, free of Cost with Kakao Talk App

Polling feature, in which you can take ideas from all friends

PLUS, feature, you can add an only local star in the group

Walkie Talkie open chat feature

Utilize or customize themes, only for Android and iPhone Users

Reactions, animations, gifts.

Kakao Talk’s Success, why you need it:

It is a commonly used application in which you can handle your businesses. Even you can check upcoming news and games features.

Any application can be cracked, but the chat and calls are cannot be crack in Kakao Talk App. Because it is secure with an end to end encryption.